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Restaurant and Cruise

A castle in Touraine, a beach in the Seychelles, a country house in Burgundy… You have not made up your mind about where the wedding party should take place. Well, think no more, enjoy a restaurant and cruise on the Seine River. Your family and friends from near and far will have no problem at all getting there thanks to the transport network of the capital !

And of course Paris will charm you and your guests, a restaurant and cruise for your wedding is a magic moment, they will all remember this event with the Eiffel Tower of Notre Dame as a backdrop !

Ok, so you are convinced but you do not feel like going through a long preparation phase ? Leave Idéal Croisière in charge of everything! Our counselors will evaluate your needs for free and will select a partner – Paris en Scène, Bateaux Mouches, Yachts de Paris – that will be perfect for your dream wedding, with a restaurant and cruise beyond all your expectations and your guests will be dazzled. From welcoming your guests to serving the dishes, the music, the chairs, the itinerary and boat type, we can deliver anything but the bride and groom…

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Cruise for group

Are you looking for a dinner cruise for a group ? Yachts de luxe, parisian boats, Bateaux-Mouches… Ideal Croisiere has the solution with adapted prices for groups. From 10 people until privatization of the cruise, our project managers will advise you.
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