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Paris Péniche

Maybe you are in charge of a group in Paris and want to organize a day out that is original, safe, and cultural ? Well why not visit Paris on a Péniche with your group! Paris on a Péniche is a pleasant way to get to know French history and enjoy a very nice moment together, creating cohesion in the group, motivating its members !

Still in doubt ? Contact us for free, on the phone or over the internet, you can get more information about our numerous possibilities, Paris on a Péniche has a lot to offer, and we will find something that corresponds to your needs and that answers all your questions.

What price for what trip ? At Ideal Croisière we will gather all that information for you, for free, and we will offer the best prices on the market with all our partners, like Bateaux Mouches or Bateaux Parisiens, they have all the experience needed to welcome your group !

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Croisière pour groupe

Vous cherchez un dîner croisière pour un groupe ? Que ce soit un Yacht de luxe, bateau mouche, bateau parisien… Nous avons la solution avec des tarifs adaptés aux groupes. De 10 personnes jusqu'à la privatisation du bateau, nos chefs de projet vous conseillerons dans votre choix.
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