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Meal Cruise Group

The Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, The National Library, Chaillot or Pont Alexandre III, those are monuments that truly symbolise our French capital. You want to share their beauty and their history ? Well have your co-workers and clients (foreigners or not) rediscover the beauty of Paris, the famous French capital. Organize a meal on a cruise ship.

Your event can be pleasant and effective at the same time, trust Ideal Croisière to find the ideal solution for your meal and cruise for free. Your business meals, meetings with new partners, clients or providers, all those events will take on a new flavour thanks to Ideal Croisière. Meals and cruises for groups will become key for your business, and we always offer new experiences thanks to our large range of partners, like Paris Cancan, Canauxrama or Yachts de Paris !

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Cruise for group

Are you looking for a dinner cruise for a group ? Yachts de luxe, parisian boats, Bateaux-Mouches… Ideal Croisiere has the solution with adapted prices for groups. From 10 people until privatization of the cruise, our project managers will advise you.
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