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Cruise Seine Paris

Paris, the French Capital. Paris and its Eiffel Tower, its Arc de Triomphe. Of course. But you do not really know Paris beyond all that, do you ? Well if that’s the case, you are not to worry too much. A Cruise on the Seine in Paris is the rapid and pleasant solution, you will know all about the French capital! So come aboard a boat on the Seine, instead of trying to re-read a history book in order to learn about French culture. You will be comfortably seated on Capitaine Fracasse or one of the numerous Bateaux Mouches of the capital. You can just sit back and listen to the comments distilled by the knowledgeable crew and thanks to a Cruise on the Seine in Paris, everybody will be impressed by your knowledge of the city!

So come on, a cruise on the Seine in Paris is perfect, you can then say to your friends that you really know Paris. You will not feel like a tourist, rather like a new Parisian, enjoying all the marvels the city has to offer !

And on top of that, Idéal Croisière really wants to keep you fit for crazy Parisian nights, the totality of your Cruise on the Seine in Paris is coordinated for free by our counselors !

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Cruise for group

Are you looking for a dinner cruise for a group ? Yachts de luxe, parisian boats, Bateaux-Mouches… Ideal Croisiere has the solution with adapted prices for groups. From 10 people until privatization of the cruise, our project managers will advise you.
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