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Christmas Day - Bateaux Mouches

90.00 €
TTC per person
Bateaux Mouches

Now what would Paris be without its famous Bateaux Mouches ? Les Bateaux Mouches has been taking tourists for a boat ride since 1949, welcoming regulars and gourmets passing by for an exceptional moment on the Seine River. The whole team awaits you at Pont de l’Alma, so please come on board one of these glass ships! For lunch you will discover a Paris that is lively and colourful, and night you will be dazzled by the city of lights! In the dining room, elegance and refinement are close neighbours, but of course the nicest décor is Paris itself. For lunch during the week ends you can enjoy a business luncheon or a family meal, and you will have an accordion to complete the atmosphere. As for nights, violin and piano echo each other for a romantic atmosphere, perfect for a rendez vous… All the secrets of this most beautiful city in the world will be revealed as you cruise the Seine. In the kitchen, the Chef and his team compose gourmet and refined dishes. Between tradition and creativity, the menu can really boast the most beautiful dishes of French traditional cuisine. Flavours are underlined, senses are dazzled… With each bite, the most sensitive palates will be convinced… With the ideal gourmet menu, Bateaux Mouches promises an exceptional moment in idyllic settings.