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58 Tour Eiffel

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Service Premier 09.00pm - 58 Tour Eiffel

163.00 €
TTC per person
Glass of Champagne
Creamy and tile Parmesan, porcini oil and marinated black olives

Sunblush tomato marmalade, with mozzarella cream and taggiasca olive pieces
Cream of mushroom soup, with Royans ravioli, summer truffle ricotta and herbed croutons

Griddled scallops, with carrot marmalade, petits pois and Champagne sauce

Tender roast veal, with pistachio crumble celery ravioli and foie gras sauce

Jivara chocolate crisp, with light vanilla cream and red fruit

(1 bottle for 2 persons)
Graves, Hautes Gravières (red wine)
Pouilly Fumé Le Loriot (white wine)
Côtes de Provence, Château Réal Martin (rosé)

Mineral water
(1/2 bottle per person)

58 Tour Eiffel

Have dinner at the heart of parisian nightlife. At nightfall, the 58 Tour Eiffel takes a whole new dimension. A hostess welcome you and lead you to your table, where the cosy atmosphere surrounds you. Dim light and minimalist furniture so that the city of light can shine a thousand lights. Ultra contemporary decor signed by Patrick Jouin and a menu classic chic only served to table. The wine list is made of regional raws and of a selection of champagne which have the ability to spice up life... Between two flavors and the look lost in the sky of Paris, you will think about the grand hours of the Eiffel Tower, during the Universal Exhibition, spent and refound at the 58 Tour Eiffel.