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Child Menu Petit Matelot (under 10) - Capitaine Fracasse

35.00 €
TTC per person
Starters: a choice of 5 bites, as a tasting
Dill-marinated salmon,
Swedish mustard and "Roseval" potatoes,
Duck foie gras with black pepper and olive onion chutney,
Grilled vegetable cake and winter squash polenta,
Fresh goat's cheese "nougat" with dried fruits and nuts, heirloom vegetable cream

Main courses
Minced steak and roasted ratte potatoes

Fancy ice cream
Capitaine Fracasse

It's because spring and summer are the best seasons to taste lobster that Capitaine Fracasse now works in association with Breton fishermen from the Bréhat and Glénan Isles to promote this gourmet history, a symbol of our coasts and of French gourmet cuisine, offering at the right price on the Seine River. The Breton lobster is special with blue/green colours, it is one of the most popular kinds of lobster for gourmets, its meat and flavour being quite unique. Non fat, rich in Omega 3, phosphor and magnesium, it is also very protein rich, making it perfect if you are going for a high protein diet. So go for it, get on board Capitaine Fracasse and come taste the incomparable cardinal of the seas, that's is what fishermen themselves call it!