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7:45pm Menu Bistrot - Paris en Scène

44.00 €
TTC per person
Foie gras

Main courses
Supreme of Chicken, safran and curcuma risotto, tomato juice
Salmon steak safran and curcuma risotto, scum of watercress and broccoli

Gourmet plate
(Mini-crisp, mini opéra cake, mini raspberry glass)

Paris en Scène

Therein lies the charm of our restaurant, alternate views, views, dine in comfort, all in the complete formula that we have put in place so that the pleasures offered by the Seine still something available On our houseboat, you can enjoy the view from our restaurant in Paris while taking time to breathe, far from the unrest in the capital For an hour, you'll enjoy our menu dish, dessert and drinks for 29 € while opening your eyes to the charms of the of the city: you can not imagine how things are different views of the water. Scene in Paris, so it's more than a boat, but a restaurant is a time apart, only for those who want to avoid stagnation and monotony of a more traditional meal. If adventure tempts you, if the idea of lunch or dinner, meet the finest monuments of the city inspires you, come join us to enjoy our restaurant and its panoramic view over Paris. Nobody will disturb the pleasure of your senses, your vision and your palate will be reconciled during this short cruise that will delight young and old ...