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Menu Amiral 8:45pm - River Palace

E 20h45 | D 21h00 | R 23h30

Depart : Quai Port Javel Haut
79.00 €
TTC per person
Welcome cocktail

Sampling platter
Maki Foie gras with mango
Soy-ginger marinated seared tuna, Guacomole-Féroce d’avocat
Creamy forgotten vegetables soups
Goat’s cheese " nougat " with dried fruits & nuts with Acacia honey
Best leek emulsion with truffle juice

Main courses
The Fracasse’s Bouillabaisse
Homemade duckling breast confit, bean’s trilogy

Desserts : A gourmet plate
Cream puffs "Saint Honoré" from l’île aux cygnes
Fruit mirror glaze with hibiscus

25 cl

Mineral water

River Palace

A panoramic cruise on the Seine river The River Palace is a perfect example of what Parisian boats should be. You simply have to be charmed by a cruise on board this boat with a panoramic view of the most beautiful monuments of the city. But it really would not be a good idea to compare River Palace with a mere Bateau Mouche ! Above its panoramic qualities, this boat offers its guests a true gourmet meal, without comparing of course with the best tables of Paris, but it will no doubt satisfy all those who love good cuisine. The River Palace to make a difference with others has chosen refined cuisine of good quality to attract tourists along with young married couples or companies out for dinner, for everyone’s greatest pleasure.